South Carolina Maritime Museum

The South Carolina Maritime Museum opened its doors back in December of last year the heritage particularly maritime heritage of this area is very historic and we've had shipping coming in and out of Georgetown for 300 years and the high point of Georgetown was during the lumber years in the late 1800s and early 1900s and our exhibits concentrate on that well we have a great great set of models one of the Harvest Moon we have a beautiful model of the City of Georgetown which was a beautiful 4 masted schooner that sailed in and out of.

Georgetown in the late 1800s early 1900s we have a great model of the of a steamship that worked in conjunction with the lumber mills and transporting people and visitors over to the beach for rest and relaxation we are not only including Georgetown but also the rest of the state the other ports and all the rivers of South Carolina the steamships steamboats that use the rivers for transportation are all part of the maritime heritage of South Carolina you can just see when you drive up and down the streets of this town.

Van Dam Custom Boats Craftsman

MUSIC PLAYING When I am working on a complicated project, I am so involved with the process that I get in the zone, then just roll. That's mesmerizing to me. SANDING We build the world's finest wooden boats. I've been around, in this shop, for my whole life. It's like a giant playground that I could do whatever I wanted in, basically. I mean, I can make anything, you know. I just had to figure out how to do it or find somebody that would teach me. SANDING I joke that it's the curse of the driven, to do more, to be better,.

Oral History Tutorial George Luzier on the craft of building beautiful wooden boats

Well, let's start over there with the first ones. My name is George B. Luzier. And I was born 61224 in Sarasota, Florida. So I'm a downtoearth Cracker. This was my second boat. My first boat I don't have pictures of right now. I was about 14 and that's built in my mother's garage over on Pomelo Street. And this is Clark's Ark and it was built way back, that was over in the old Rec Hall building. And it's still up in Bradenton and it's still going strong. It's been a very successful boat and everybody.

Loves it. That's a 16foot outboard. We built, I don't know, 5 or 6 of them. My typical day is I get up at six o'clock and get moving, try to get over at the shop about eight. There's always something I can do. Some days, you know, you're building or doing something, you're right in there cuttin', sawin', and goin' at it hammer and tong. Now right here. I don't see my favorite tool but that's a Stihl electric plane. You can see it's had a little hard usage. I've had it, I know, 50 years. It run good, never.

Gave any problem. They never made a better saw than that 14inch Delta. And that saw's, oh, I'm sure it's at least 60 years old. I've had it for 50odd years. I bought it secondhand. But it's just a good, ruggedit's a heavy little mother. And on the bigger boats, see, we'd pick that up and throw it inside the boat, don't have to walk back and forth and save a lot of time. That's a 3115 Singer, and it'll sew most anything you stick under it. But it's full of all sorts of glameration of. whatever. And I've got, you know, most.

Of these tools, I don't want 'em to hang on the wall and show and this and that, they're to be used. Like this little plane here, a lot of things you want to set at a depth or something, on a surface, and this works great. And this old timer. Well, you never got enough clamps. Nah, it's been, ah, it's been interesting to do and I've had a lot of enjoyment out of it. You know, some of the job parts are not that easy, but you know, it don't.

The Half Moon Replica

We're standing next to a replica of the Half Moon, the very ship that sailed up this river 400 years ago with Henry Hudson and his crew. We're going to be speaking with the captain of the replica, Chip Reynolds. Let's see what he has inside. Give us an outlay real quick about the dimensions of the ship. How big is it from front to back, how wide is it, how tall are the masts Well you're looking at a vessel that's just over 100 tons in modern terms and the extreme length from the sprit to the transom is about 100 feet. The mast.

Height goes up to about 87 feet. The hull length itself is right around 85 and the keel length is something more like 65 feet. The breath of the ship is about 18 feet. So it's a very commodious vessel but as you look around it you begin to see that the greatest volume is in the hole, that is the lowest level below the ship. What makes sense this is a commercial vessel. It's job is trade so they need that hole space to carry the commodities that they're trading for. On Hudson's voyage it was not so much trade, although they did engage in.

Some minor trade just to see wether the opportunity for trade existed here. But in addition to the commodities they're bringing back, the spices and such like that, they also needed to have capacity for all their spare gear, fuel, the beer, the water, the meat, and the fish they were carrying as well as spare wood, ship's boat that might have been prefabricated and the pieces assembled down below deck. Everything had to be backed up on here. The Half Moon had no blueprints. How is it possible that we are able to recreate a ship 400 years.

After the fact with no blueprints Well in the 17th century, shipwrights did not build to blueprints, they built to rule of thumb. So they established the cargo carrying capacity of the vessel and from that all the other measures were very standard and they were proportional to both the tonnage and the keel length of the vessel. So we have the original contract of the vessel that specifies its tonnage in Dutch measure called 'last' and from that we can project what the size of the vessel would have been. Furthermore there.

Is extensive documentation about this particular style of vessel, the Dutch Yacht. These vessels were well documented in artwork of the time and also in the narrative record that gives us the items that were aboard the ship, the navigational instruments used, the accommodations that were found on here. So the entire rig you see here, the shape of the ship, the designs that are found on the vessel, the coloration that is used is all documentable through the artwork of that time period. We know very clearly that in this first decade of the 1600s,.

Ship building was exploding because the profits that were to be made out of this particular enterprise, there was tremendous incentive for the East India Company to find more efficient routes. That is those that are less vulnerable to piracy, the extremes of weather to the depredation on the crew from nutritional diseases when they were underway. And thus Henry Hudson comes into play here as someone who is exploring these alternate routes and looking for a way to get that more efficient route to the Indies for the East India Company.

Tagliapietra Endeavor Technique

Lino Tagliapietra is a virtuoso Venetian glassblower who uses very traditional techniques to create new innovative work. The boats are made by gathering a large amount of glass on the end of a blowpipe and coating that glass with various canes of colored glass, pieces of broken colored glass, and then reheating that mass of glass so that all of the added parts melt into the surface. He then blows a very large bubble and grabs one end with a tool and pulls, thus creating a long long tubular shape, pointed at either end.

As he pulls the colored rods and the bits of color are distorted and elongated and you can see that if you look closely at the boats. After they are cooled very gradually they are cut in half lengthwise with a saw that has diamonds coated on the edge. The diamonds cut through the glass very easily. After he cuts the boats in half the edges are carefully ground and polished to make them safe and attractive. Then machines with rotating stones are used to cut into the glass. If you look carefully.

At the surface of each boat you'll see different kinds of cutting. Some are facets that are cut with machinery very much like the machine you will see in the Crystal City Gallery later on. The shallow cuts are called battuto cutting. Battuto is the Italian word meaning beaten. And the effect is that of beating a piece of metal with a hammer. There are eighteen boats here and each one is unique. See how many different colors and patterns you can find in the glass and on the surface of the glass..

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