I have a book coming out called the infinite resource: the power of ideas on a Finite Planet. This talk is basically a short version of that book. A long time ago Dickens wrote these words in the opening of A Tale of Two Cities.

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times and this pretty much captures the current discussion of what’s happening on this planet.

In a lot of ways we’re living in the greatest age humanity has ever seen and you’ll hear a lot about that here at Singularity University, but in a lot of ways we’re facing some of the worst risks also. So you see sort of highest levels of optimism in some parts of society and highest levels of pessimism in other parts. Now at the opening of.

Of the gsp I think you all got the challenge of finding a way to make the world better for a billion people and there is no topic bigger then the ones I am about to talk about; which is literally the fate of the planet and of human.

Civilization, and the core question of can we keep growing richer and better off without over consuming and destroying the world that we live on. So is the future one of.

Sort of utopian societies that are incredibly prosperous but also grain, or is it a future like this? Who can name this film? Planet of the Apes, very good. This is an easy one; they will get harder.

Alright so let’s start with the best of times. I was born in 1973 in Egypt in a working class neighborhood like this and when I was born infant mortality in Egypt.

Was fifteen percent, so i had a one in six chance of dying before age five. That’s always given me a tremendous perspective when I look back at where I came from and what life is like in America versus what life is like in my parents’ generation.

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