Sailing with nerissa is a very nice experience. Shes very fast, she slides into the waves and sails very well upwind. One can steer the wheel practicaly with two fingers. Shes very easy to sail. It is a boat with the original aluminum mast . The deck its the original one, its teak and its 50 years old.

The hull is original, also in teak, its 50 as well. And the varnished doghouse (la caseta), its in teak. To maintain the boat, if something breaks, we try to fix it the most classical way, as close as possible to the original. The only important change we made on the boat its the engine. The old engine broke down several times, it was too old, it had been on board many years.

And we had to change it since it was impossible to fix it. I started looking at all the marine engines on the market, of about 60 Hp It had to have great power at low revolutions. It also had to have a maximum torque, also at low revolutions. because engine revolutions are transferred to the boat’s structure. and the lowest the level, the best.

And the winner was sol. For a weight reason, the boat now is at the original waterline. Something i really like about my Sol engine Is first that the engine structure is cast. And another one is the fact that regarding electronics, Sol has a little less, thanks God! And that is what I was looking for.

On a classical boat, the engine has a relative importance, but its really important that it never fails you. And to tell the truth, the Sol has never failed. Nerissa takes part in the most important classical races. Classical boats regattas are very important for its maintenance. because they promote the participation of people that otherwise would have never thought to do so with a classical boat.

And at the same time, to be able to win, you need that classical ship to be well mantained but keeping its originality It is much more than sailing, its to sand, to varnish, etc. All this takes a lot of dedication, but at the same time its a pleasure. Because when varnishing, when sanding, when taking care of Her,.



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