Paddle Steamer DVD A documentary history of Australian paddle steamers.

Every paddle steamer we River Tees anywhere in the world if it still operating as I a smell a sound a wreath on that's unique to that paddle steamer and Australia has more petals stamens them anywhere else in the world on me in doing on the executive producer paddlesteamer over document recalls source to sea the story on the Murray River boats and when we shot the film it was the biggest flotilla ever been assembled on the Murray River I'm them there are a couple of hundred boats and the paddlesteamers.

And the river but some other more than a hundred years old the documentary is a a celebration of Australia's greatest river system the murray darling from its source in the Kosiosco high country in yourself wiles to the sea at Newlands have a strike I wanted to produce a a story that was about passion and love passion full reflow team and restoring and working with these paddle steamers and the love a river steaming into fasten I'd people ever since the first one was used to success we've had our side we were more.

A couple hundred years ago region was built by scotsman joins what installed in about is on by American Robert fulsome and and launched on the river sign in Paris on august the ninth I D 103 I know we've captured in and recorded some fantastic unique in historically significant still moving images are these working bucks and I've told a story this you connect and celebrate everything about the life around in about these wonderful this I know you really enjoy this production heard the DVD is available in both PAL and NTSC format which means it can be viewed.

In both the United Kingdom and United States and around the world part funds from the sale love the TV go to Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service the RFDS which is my choice and charity it's already being broadcast on full free to air networks around Australia and Fox 20 and it was also broadcast with David Attenborough's walking with animals on Qantas in flight if you'd like a copy of this source to sea the story of the Murray River boats DVD paddle steamer than simply click on the link below.

The Giant Nest of the Australian BrushTurkey Wild Animals Planet Doc Full Documentaries

When Australia separated from Gondwana ages ago, its animal species were isolated from the rest of the world. Not quite all of them, though. Birds could still fly between the land masses. Giant birds called moas developed in these jungles where food was abundant and there were few predators. Some of them weighed as much as 550 pounds. This is a distant relative of those birds. This brushturkey, or pouched talegalla, is hard at work. A kangaroo is watching him, but the bird is too busy to notice. These Australian turkeys are anything but lazy.

The talegalla is polygamous and has to provide a place for his females to lay their eggs. He's building a very unusual nest. The turkey gathers together leaves and other plant materials to build his love nest That's a nest Yes it is, and some may weigh as much as four tons. That turkey's got himself quite a job to do It works like this The turkey gathers all the leaves he can. Then a fungus grows among them and they decompose. This process of decomposition produces heat, which turns the nest into a real incubator.

The incubator always has to be between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius. to take the temperature of the nest the turkey has a thermometer in his tongue or in his beak we dont really know. And here he is, deepsea diving in a sea of leaves all in the name of reproduction. A very original system. After a few gorounds, scientists have decided that evolutionarily speaking, these turkeys are very close relatives of the reptiles since only these birds and reptiles use this system of heated nests. It's a curious case, but whatever it takes to reproduce.

Croker Oars

Darren Croker Croker Oars was started in 1962, by my father Howard Croker, so rowing is in our blood. John Corbett Croker Oars began making wooden oars, and in 1990, we had to either change or cease to exist, so we stepped into the field of carbon fibre construction. Darren Croker The success story really comes from my father and John, and their ability to think ahead. John Corbett We've tried to make the best product, not necessarily the most dollars, or the cheapest product. We're trying to make the best product because we feel that in our.

Game, it's a game of excellence. Darren Croker People are innovative here, because they have to use their hands and they have to use their brains to actually make something work. Everything you see around here we make ourselves. John Corbett We try to use standard items and make superior products just by clever design. In many cases the knowledge we need exists out there and we just have to recognise ideas when we see them. Darren Croker It's all very well to have a business plan and a marketing plan and all that sort of thing, but it doesn't add up.

For some stuff when you're right in a very niche market. You actually have to be placing the product in the athlete's hand and say here it is, this is what we think the next best thing is going to be. John Corbett Some people might like a golf club or a tennis racquet because it feels right. It's very hard to quantify that sometimes. Darren Croker It's very important that we hear the good points and the bad points of our oars, and the best way to do that is direct feedback from the customer. Otherwise it could.

Be a thousand emails before you actually get the reason on what had happened. John Corbett One of our strengths is specialisation. Athletes vary from two metres and one hundred and ten kilos, to slender lightweight women who are fifty four kilos, and we have to make an appropriate product for all of those people. Darren Croker Australia is seen as a country that does innovate and definitely punches way above its weight in our population to results. John Corbett We can go from an idea to an oar in about a one week period. And because we can make all our own tools, we can bypass.

PlanToys Sustainable Play HD

Vitool Viraponsavan PlanToys founder President I was born here, in Trang and I grew up among these rubber tree forests. I was very attracted by this wonderful nature and also by all that men could do with it. When I went to Bangkok to study architecture, I met, at university, friends who wanted, like me, to contribute to build a better and more sustainable world. We partnered with seven friends to create the Plan Group and shortly after, PlanToys. Plan Group is now one of the most respected architectural firms,.

It is also a publishing house, a graphic design studio, library and school. For over thirty years, PlanToys have designed and manufactured toys with the utmost respect for children and nature. We create toys from our design office in Bangkok with education and design specialists. All our toys are made in our factory in Trang. The trunk and the best parts are used for solid wood and plywood toys, branches and other waste are shredded and transformed to make PlanWood. PlanWood is very strong, it allows us to design very interesting.

And new forms of nontoxic and durable toys. Nothing is wasted, everything is transformed. Roots and other wood pieces that cannot be used are converted into energy in our new factory. Every year tens of thousands of children visit our factory, we teach them that they can be the architects of a better world. Better kids for a better world, that is our sustainable way. For over thirty years, PlanToys has been recognised and rewarded by respected institutions worldwide, for product design and numerous Social Responsibility projects. Each year, thanks to our environmental efforts.

Wooden Boat Building

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