At farr yacht design we use our unique tools to design the most advanced powerboat hulls. Over the past 20 years we’ve invested in the development of these tools to predict the performance of all types of watercraft. We’ll show you how we use some of these tools. The Volvo Ocean Race is just one example of the environments that we design for and how we apply these tools. For the latest Volvo Ocean 65 one design we were challenged to create a boat that was fast, safe, and cost effective. When we.

Design powerboats, we use the same skills, tools and background as we do with sailboats. Britton Ward is vice president and senior naval architect at Farr Yacht Design. He walks us through some of the design tools we use. We utilize a number of computational fluid dynamics tools that range from low fidelity panel methods to advanced multiphase RANS tools like Fine/Marine and OpenFOAM. As an example of one of these high fidelity simulations, let’s take a look at some of.

The work we did for thirty eight foot high performance center console powerboat. It’s important to note that with these RANS tools we can simulate the boat operating at full scale, which avoids any scale effects that occur with tank testing. This also allows us to look at much greater detail at the features of the hull, including details like spray rails and strakes and even ventilated steps. Even trim tabs and the thrust vector from the engine are all modeled.

And their impact on the running trim of the boat is captured. In these high fidelity simulations we model the entire environment around the boat, including the air and the water. We use a refined hexdominant mesh that allows us to capture the details of the design geometry. In the flow field the mesh is highly resolved in the free surface zone to capture the details of the flow phenomena. The fluid flow equations are solved in 3D space with each element able to contain a mix of air or water or a fraction thereof.

This is commonly referred to as a volume of fluid method, capable of capturing the air and water mixes in spray and complex flow associated with steps and cavities. Ive overlaid a contour slice on top of the mesh in this view and you can see the volume of fluid fraction displayed. Red is all water, blue all air and the green zone represents the free surface where air and water meet. This mesh was generated using the Hexpress meshing tool which allows us to efficiently produce refined meshes on these geometries.

You can see the mesh refinement close to the body and around the free surface zone that allows us to resolve the free surface interface. The boundary layer insertion occurs as part of the meshing procedure. The simulation utilizes a moving mesh that smoothly distorts as the boat sinks and trims as the boat accelerates in the simulation. This is an example of the type of postprocessing output available for these high fidelity simulations.

Along with forces and dynamic sink and trim, we can visualize detailed pressure loading on isolated parts or over the entire body. We can also resolve the complex flow around the free surface including breaking waves and spray separation points. In this image you can see the wave train, the spray sheets developing around the boat, the effect of the spray rails and the water separating cleanly from the transom.

This boat is simulated in a fully planing condition so the boat’s weight is supported by dynamic pressure without significant impact of buoyancy. Because of this it is a very dynamic system that requires careful tuning of the input parameters and computational procedures to produce stable solutions. Once we have a stable solution we can use the post processing to visualize the dynamic pressure on the bottom of the hull which we can use to verify the flow around the boat is behaving as expected.

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