how to make a paper windmill tutorial paper pinwheel

How to make a paper windmill 1you're gonna need a square piece of paper 2fold the square paper you have in half diagonally for both sets 3 use the scissors to Cut from each corner along the diagonal fold around 3cm from the centre 4Fold the four alternate corner sections down to the centre and use the glue to hold them in place 5use the nail to make a holl at the top of the straw and then push the nail through the fan and stick it to the straw note you could cut off a small piece of the straw and put it between the fan and the straw to avoid any contact between them.

DisneyPixar Cars 3 MACK Teleports Lightning McQueen Minions Dave to Arendelle

Bananonina give up you bet I wont. HUH! look out! HUH! PoKa! what Kazay! Makatulong! OhNo, Dave! UngaBunga Ayudaaa McQueen I'M HERE! TANK YOU! you're welcome UMM, can you please not lean on my eyes! bido HAHAHA bido close call I'm glad you're ok UHOH UHOH I'ts you're BananaCycle! Kung makalaka! TaDaa! WOW, you really are full of surprises HAHAHA WeeDeeDooJambo Really! can you help me transform to Hey McQueen! what you doing here Hey Mack! was on my way to Arendale, Got a flat Dave here Helped me out.

How to make a Toy Insect Robot

Hello there. This tutorial is about how to make a very simple insect robot. You need a mobile phone's vibration motor. one LR44 battery holder, one LR44 1.5 volt battery one general purpose PCB, and his pins that is jumper pins. if you apply 1.5 volts across this vibrator, it starts vibrating. Like this. now we are going to connect this vibrator the switch and the battery in series we are going to solder that in this PCB you fast solder the holder, the battery holder then will solder the vibration motor, then we will connect.

The wires in series with the battery and the jumper now we will put the battery, and once we put the jumper, it will starts vibrating and that will create a random motion and the PCB starts jumping here and there. now we are going to add 4 resistors to make the legs. We will solder 4 corners , 4 resistors. that's all. The moment you put the jumper in the current will flow as the circuit is completed. and it will move around randomly. Just like a small insect now we solder two.

How to make a walking robot at home

Hello there here is a walking robot. You have seen these tutorials but nobody has explained how to make it. Here is a step by step process of making it at home. You need a motor, high torque low speed you can use servo, but I have used the door opening mechanism of an old CD player. I cut it out, then take the pulley and rubber band out and take the big gear out. Through the big gear I pass a iron wire and glue it. Cut empty refill pieces and glue that.

With the shaft and the gear. Pass it again through its same position and another side put one more refill which will work like a bush. now bend shaft both side 90 degree and turn it again cut the extra length to make it a bicycle paddle like look. Now from the center of the shaft about 10cm make a hole and push a iron wire. Put both side two small refill pipes. Now the closest distance from the shaft is 5cm and the longest distance is 9cm. now you need another iron wire to make a leg.

Make a slot of 4.5cm like this and about 9cm away make another loop. thus you have to make two legs. You have to the leg into the mechanism like this for this I have used some pen and refills. I put the sketch pen empty there and two refills here and so that it can freely move. If you power it up you can see its freely moving. Now bend the leg little bit wider here and cut the extra length at that end you can see I make it a loop.

Now to make that feet, take again some wire loop it to make a 1cm long and then make a U of 6cm wide such you have to make two feet. Screw that feet with the leg tightly in such a way that it should stand on single a leg. You have to do with the other leg too now all that moving junctions you put some grease or Vaseline. Now you have to do walking test. power it up with an external 3V supply with thin wires and check how it is walking.

Frozen Dolls Elsa and Anna Pool Party Vacation to Legoland Water Park Slides by DisneyCarToys

Hey Elsa check out this Lego Land Water Park. It looks like so much fun. Lets go check it out. Wow Lego's and water together this is brilliant. But what do we do here. I think its a water slide or something. Might as well try it out. Um I am getting really wet here. I don't know how i feel about thins. I love it Elsa this is awesome wow! Whoa did you see how fast i was going. Well Ana this water is taking us somewhere and I don't know where.

Um i think I want to try something else. Alright alright how about the lazy river. That's nice and simple or Elsa look there's the Pirates Reef. No way this is scary. See look all you do is ride in this boat and go up the big ramp then you go down a big ramp and get soaked that's awesome. oh well I was think a little more of on the lines of a toddle spray pad look it looks like a zoo and there's a lion and polar bear. Oh come on Elsa that's just.

As exciting as sniffing these plastic flowers right here. Hey well follow me i have a perfect idea. See we can just sit in these chairs and get some sun. I'm are really pale any way. No i would rather do something more exciting well Elsa you wont believe it there is a giant water slide here. Now if you let us go in this. then i will let you pick the next thing. Elsa lets go. Ah Ah Ah. Oh Elsa don't scream this is fun. Ah ah ah. I don't like rides.

Villager News Minecraft Animation

Villagers mumbling tune Villager News! villager humming in background Does my moustache look all right Ok. Hey! humming stops Breaking News! A rogue citizen has been caught committing a terrible crime! Villager Number 9 is on the scene. Thank you Villager Number 4. I'm standing where the incident took place earlier today. We have footage of the event from a camera mounted on that roof. Hello. It was just a normal day in the village until Villager Number 14 showed his complete distaste for our laws. villager mimicking police siren STOP! You violated the law!.

Stop right there, criminal scum!! This was quickly followed by a highspeed chase caught on camera by a local traffic helicopter. It looks like quite a situation down there! villager wailing in distance Look at him go! He's running, he's running! Are they gonna catch him We don't know. Oh, ooh. He's running, he's running He's still running! Oh, he in trouble now, the police are EVERYWHERE! Are you seeing this! No, I'm a helicopter. STOP! Nooo! Aww, he said no. pressure plate clicks Aaaaahh!! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Missile Inbound.

What! Deploying flares! Deploying flares. villagers clamoring Aaaahhh!! fading scream explosion Villager beeping in background Aaaahh! We're going down! We're going down. crashes signal static And that was the last we saw of those villagers. Villager Number 14 was apprehended later as he tried to escape the village. Police had placed down stingers, and they proved to be too much for Villager Number 14. thud Hah! gavel bangs He was taken to court Where he was sentenced to the Pit of Death! This is madness! villager humming Madness This, is, MINECRAFT!!.

Old Spice And So It Begins

Hello, ladies. I've missed you. May I speak privately to the man in your life Thank you. Men! Take your body to nature with Old Spice Timber. It's what the angelfaced woman in your life deserves. Sound good Fantastic. Goodbye! Hello again, ladies. I know, I shouldn't have but I did. Soon your man will be able to smell like he can use this, while riding one of these. And sweeping you away to Guess who! It's you. It's me! Goodbye! Don't use Timber! Use Bear Glove! extended yelling Bear Glove! Bear Glove!.

Wooden Boat Plans How To Build Your Own Boat With Over 500 Boat Plans

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How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

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